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1. SHOP FOX W1727 1 HP Dust Collector

SHOP FOX W1727 1 HP Dust Collector



Shop Fox W1727 1 Hp 800 Cfm Portable Dust Collector 9″ Balanced Steel Impeller

2. SHOP FOX W1685 1.5-Horsepower 1,280 CFM Dust Collector

SHOP FOX W1685 1.5-Horsepower 1,280 CFM Dust Collector



Style:1.5 HP, 1,280 CFM

A powerful dust collector from Shop Fox. This unit features an extra heavy-duty 12″ steel impeller and a 1-1/2 HP motor that runs on 110V. For wood dust only. Features 2.5 micron filtration.

3. Bissell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum/Blower With Auto Tool Kit, 18P03

Bissell Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum/Blower With Auto Tool Kit, 18P03



Style Name:Garage Pro

Garage Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum Complete Wall-Mounting System, 18P03


What makes the Garage Pro an especially convenient wet/dry vacuum?

Being able to mount the Garage Pro on the wall gives you more floor space in your garage, and means you won’t have to maneuver around it all the time. Since it has a 32-foot hose, you can still reach inside your car and around the garage with the vacuum mounted on the wall. The 4-gallon dirt tank is semi-translucent and has an LED Full Water Tank Indicator so you won’t have to guess when it needs to be emptied.


The 12-amp motor provides powerful suction for garage cleaning needs, whether you’re vacuuming your car or tidying up the shop. The wet & dry vacuum was engineered to handle spills and messes from liquids to dirt and grime. The blower is ideal for keeping your work area free of debris. Seven all-purpose tools make car detailing a snap. They’re versatile enough to handle just about any task. And you can conveniently store them in the included accessory bag. The wall-mount design conveniently keeps your BISSELL Garage Pro ready for use yet out of the way. The 4 gallon dirt tank is semi-translucent so you can see the level of water and debris in the tank, to empty as necessary.

Did You Know: You can unclog your vacuum if you lose suction?

Try removing clogs in the upper or lower hoses with a rounded broomstick.

Did You Know: Your filters need to be changed regularly?

Many vacuums have more than one filter that needs to be cleaned and/or replaced on a regular basis to keep the vacuum running great. Check your vacuum’s user guide for more information on your specific model.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

BISSELL canister vacuums are light and easy to maneuver. They’re great for stairs and other surfaces like curtains, upholstery, auto interiors, and more.

A complete cleaning system for your garage, car or workshop
  • Wall-mountable with long hose
  • Suctions up wet and dry debris
  • Includes 7 car detailing attachments
  • Use as a vacuum or blower
  • Bagless

4. POWERTEC DC5370 Wall Dust Collector with 2.5 Micron Filter Bag

POWERTEC DC5370 Wall Dust Collector with 2.5 Micron Filter Bag



A compact powerhouse of convenience and high performance, the POWERTEC Wall Dust Collector maximizes both dust and woodchip extraction and workroom versatility in any small professional or hobby woodworking shop. This unit has a powerful 1 HP motor with dual voltages 120/240. Featuring a streamlined design for easy portability, and a useful wall mounting capacity that insures optimum workroom organization and orderliness. With its hassle-free mobility, you collect dust and pollutants right at their origin in your shop; just attach dust-collector hose directly to whatever machine you are using and rest easy as this efficient machine successfully eliminates dust/chips from your workroom. The included 2.5-micron bag ensures optimum air quality, free from fine dust and pollutants. With cleaner air and work surfaces, you can enjoy the ultimate satisfaction of achieving your woodworking goals and dreams in an ideal working environment. 1 HP Motor with dual voltages 120V/240V. 7 amp at 120V, 3.5 amp at 240V; Motor speed: 3450 RPM. Air flow capacity: 537 CFM; Main Inlet Size: 4-Inch; 44-Inch high with bag inflated.

5. WEN 3410 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System (300/350/400 CFM)

WEN 3410 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System (300/350/400 CFM)



Style:Basic w/ RF Remote (400 CFM)

Remember when your workshop was full of clean air? Air-borne dust particulates can dirty up a woodworker’s workshop and harm a healthy respiratory system, but with the WEN 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System, you no longer need to worry. This system eradicates these contaminants by catching them in one of the two easily cleanable filters while circulating the air in your work area. The powerful 1/6 HP motor leaves no stone unturned, collecting every contaminant in its path. Quiet system creates 50 to 60 dB of noise and is controllable up to 26 feet away with the included remote. The lightweight design weighs in at a mere 31 pounds. Combine this with the attached carrying handle and eyebolts for easy mobility, mounting and installation. The WEN Air Filtration System collects and releases the air in your workshop after filtering it through both a 5-micron outer filter and a 1-micron inner filter. Easily switch between three speeds of 300, 350 and 400 cfm depending on what the situation calls for. With the time feature, you don’t even have to worry about turning off your machine. Simply set the timer and the machine will turn off on its own once the time runs out, allowing you to easily give your workshop a thorough cleanse at the end of a day of woodworking without having to be present. And because this is a WEN Product, your 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System is backed by a two-year warranty, a helpful customer service phone line, and a nationwide network of experienced technicians. Remember when you could breathe easy in your workshop? Remember WEN.

6. POWERTEC DC1080 Portable Shop Dust Collector with 1 HP Motor | 800 CFM

POWERTEC DC1080 Portable Shop Dust Collector with 1 HP Motor | 800 CFM



Style:Dust Collector

Introducing the 1 Horsepower Dust Collector from POWERTEC. This machine serves as a versatile and powerful dust collecting workhorse at an amazing price. Whether youre in need of a stationary, centralized or portable option for your workshop, the POWERTEC Dust Collector works seamlessly with an assortment of woodworking machines. It is designed to offer functional versatility eliminating unnecessary spacing consuming dust collecting accessories, while maximizing your workspace and keeping it free of dust and debris. The unit' s upper filter bag effectively cleans, purifies and filters the workshop air, capturing even the smallest fine dust, allergens, pollutants and particulate matter down to 2. 5 microns in size. The clear, fresh air is returned from the filter back into the room, and the extracted dust/chips efficiently cascade downward into the collection bag. Its true what they say, “ With great power, comes great… dust collecting ability. Harnessing a 1 horsepower, single phase motor that performs at 3, 450 RPM, this unit has the power and speed to handle projects of all sizes, at home or on a job site. Maintaining a small storage footprint, this compact unit maximizes available space in your shop. Measurements: Height: 54-1/2 Width: 15-3/4 x 39-3/4 Specs Motor Size: Single-Phase 1 HP, 120/240V 60 Hz, Pre-wired 110V Motor speed: 3, 450 RPM Air Suction Capacity: Approximately 800 CFM Main Inlet Size: 4-Inch Bag Filtration: 2. 5 Micron

7. Shop Fox W1826 Wall Dust Collector, 2.5 Micron Filtration

Shop Fox W1826 Wall Dust Collector, 2.5 Micron Filtration



Style:2.5 Micron Filter Bag

This wall mounted Dust Collector is designed to capture dust right at the source, eliminating the reduced efficiency of a duct system. With 537 CFM capacity, it will handle just about any hungry woodworking machine, and with no complicated duct system, static pressure loss is minimal. A simple wall mounted bracket and locking screw system also ensures you’ll be safely up and running in no time!

8. Cyclone Dust Collector Dust Collection Dust Separator Shop Vac Accessories

Cyclone Dust Collector Dust Collection Dust Separator Shop Vac Accessories


9. POWERTEC 70200 2-1/2" Three-Machine Dust Collection Kit

POWERTEC 70200 2-1/2" Three-Machine Dust Collection Kit



The POWERTEC 70200 2-1/2-inch three-machine dust Collection kit, provides a convenient selection of choice components Ideal for connecting your dust Collector to three separate machines. You’ll have everything you need to customize a high-quality; effective and efficient dust-extraction system, thus ensuring that dust and debris are extracted straight from your power tools and machinery directly into your dust Collector. Clean, healthier air and neat workshop surfaces are but a starter kit away. This handy and practical set includes two 45-degree elbow connectors, two y-fittings, three essential Blast Gates, and twenty 2-1/2-inch key hose clamps. The elbow connectors allow for smooth directional airflow around bends and corners, and are useful in hard-to-reach places. The y-connectors facilitate a dual hose branch connection from a single main hose line. The Blast Gates increase the efficiency of your dust Collection system by seamlessly directing the airflow from one machine to another. Finally, the hose clamps ensure airtight connections, critical for high-impact dust extraction. Quick and easy installation saves time and hassle, thus creating more time to get down to the satisfying work of creating superb woodwork. Make it perfect with the POWERTEC 70200 2-1/2-inch three-machine dust Collection kit streamlined, durable, high performing and versatile! Optimize your workshop environment.

10. Shop-Vac 8017500 Genuine Sawdust Collection Kit, Yellow, Semi-Transparent

Shop-Vac 8017500 Genuine Sawdust Collection Kit, Yellow, Semi-Transparent



The Shop-Vac® sawdust Collection system collects sawdust and chips from all your stationary tools and attaches to your wet/ dry vacuum using a 2-1/2 inch diameter hose (sold separately). the kit includes: eight 36 inch clear PVC Collection tubes, six vacuum gates, five tube couplings, three 45 degree elbows, four tee-y fittings, two 90 degree elbows, ten mounting clamps and mounting hardware. The system fits all Shop-Vac® wet/ dry vacuums with a 2-1/2 inch diameter inlet.


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